Raid Advice: Innervate, a Raid Cooldown

Innervate, a Raid Cooldown
Innervate, a Raid Cooldown
Raphael of Raid Advice wrote a great article about how to best leverage Innervate within a raid. Topics covered include:

  • Talents to augment Innervate
  • When to use Innervate
  • Prioritizing who should be given Innervate (with maths!)
  • A Weak Aura for healers (Druid and non-Druid alike) to know when they’re benefiting from the spell

Credit to the very talented wrathofkublakhan for first mentioning it on one of my favorite blogs, Coffee Cakes and Crits.

Mylune, My Favorite

Amazing Mylune Cosplay by Lyz (ButtercupBrix)
Amazing Mylune Cosplay by Lyz (ButtercupBrix)

Warlords of Draenor first introduced garrisons, faction-specific strongholds that over time developed into self-sufficient towns providing every service a player could need (with the glaring exception of a barber). And to fill out our garrisons, Blizzard introduced the followers system, a collection of NPCs of a myriad of races and classes that you could recruit into your service. You could then dispatch these followers onto missions that provided personal benefits including gold, gear, garrison resources, and the occasional vanity item. Unfortunately, this system came to be maligned by players as feeling compulsory but inspiring no feelings of personal involvement. Millhouse Manastorm withstanding, our armies of 20 to 25 followers had little charisma and, in many cases, no backstory.

Fortunately, Blizzard listened to the complaints of players and completely overhauled their follower and mission systems for the release of The Burning Legion. Now followers hail from the same class as the player, conveying an instant sense of relatability. There are fewer of them, and the storylines that end with their offer of service are more compelling. None more so — for me, anyway — than the dryad Mylune.

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Hotfixes: September 23

Sorry for the confusion caused by my earlier post; the changes to Haste and Critical Strike stats are apparently PvP-specific (something that will take some getting used to).

Posted by Blizzard Entertainment on Sept 23, 2016



Developers’ Notes: While many of the above changes are beneficial for PvP, some specs need additional tuning for PvP situations. Some of the PvP- specific changes we’re making are intended to counteract the above, while others are simply intended to help overall PvP balance.

  • Guardian
    • Frenzied Regeneration now factors in 50% of recent damage taken from players when determining it’s healing amount (previously, it ignored damage taken from players).
  • Restoration
    • Lifebloom’s bloom effect increased by 50% in PvP.
    • Critical Strike stat reduced by 50%.
    • Haste stat increased by 50%.

Annotated Map of the Dreamgrove

I don’t know about you, but I have been frustrated at times, trying to find specific NPCs and places within our new Order Hall, the Dreamgrove. Well, wander no more, dear reader. I have created an annotated map of significant persons and locations to help. I hope that it will be as helpful to you as it has been to me.

Annotated Map of the Dreamgrove
Don’t worry about bookmarking this post; the full-sized map is available as a menu item above!