Leveling Restoration in Legion

Shaikov of Garona (US) writes:

Hey there, I was just wondering how you leveled your Resto Druid in Legion. I feel like a lot of people say choosing a DPS spec is totally viable because of the way artifacts work but at the same time it kind of [frustrates me] to keep on changing between raids/dungeons and [World Quests]. What do you recommend?

Although I leveled as Restoration all the way through Wrath of the Lich King, once Blizzard introduced zero-cost talent respecs, I have been less dogmatic about avoiding at least one of our other two (now three) talent specializations. I recognize that my DPS as a Balance-specced Druid is abysmal, but it is still an improvement over that of my Restoration specialization, so I generally elect to make the switch when engaging in World Quests. However, I think it is totally viable to level exclusively Restoration, especially with the heroics (and a not insubstantial amount of showboating) of our Legion bodyguard, Broll Bearmantle. Simply set him as your focus and ensure your healing macros are set up to preferentially heal your focus if one exists (and can be helped). Something like this:

/use [@mouseover,help][@target,help][@focus,help][@player] Rejuvenation

Likewise, you can set your harmful spell macros to preferentially target your focus’s target, assuming you don’t already have something else targeted yourself. This can be useful when fighting multiple mobs. Something like this:

/use [@target,harm,nodead][@focustarget,harm,nodead][@targettarget,harm,nodead][@target] Sunfire

Note that the [nodead] modifier helps to ensure you’re not happily nuking away at a corpse. The final [@target] modifier may seem redundant but ensures that your spell displays the correct icon, even if you don’t have an enemy targeted.

2 thoughts on “Leveling Restoration in Legion

  1. If I may add to the topic. I have leveled and played in Resto all through Legion and continue to do so. Being very hard to kill has advantages, like pulling a lot of mobs and dotting them down; I run in Balance Affinity. I also use Mass Entanglement and Ursol’s Vortex if I’m merely dashing in to pick an herb.
    It can be done and I did it.
    I do have a Balance spec which I use only when farming Dreamleaf because it is fun to do it that way and I also go Balance to run Firelands or Ulduar.
    If I could change anything it would be that the healing circle cast pulls me out of Balance Affinity and I’d change that if I could; it is fun and I like it a lot.

    1. As always, thanks for your additional perspective, Wrathsome!

      I might have tried leveling Restoration again myself, if I weren’t sure Mr. Phae would complain about the reduced efficiency of duoing. 😉

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