Raiding with Voice Recognition (Nighthold)

By popular request, I have created and uploaded two YouTube videos from our Normal Nighthold adventures this week: Elisandre and Skorpyron. Because it was important to observe the voice commands I was using, I was unable to exclude our voice chatter. (I believe that to do so, I would have to install a second soundcard, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong.) These are not the only videos that I created, but I have a tendency to die to stupid effects during our Heroic runs, due to the inherent latency of voice recognition. Please comment below with any questions you have.

Thanks for watching!

5 thoughts on “Raiding with Voice Recognition (Nighthold)

  1. Hey Phaelia.

    Gosh, it´s you, it´s actually you! I followed your blog back then, so much!

    Restoration Druid back then, Restoration Druid now.

    I adored the way your site was set up, the way you described things and the pictures you included.

    So glad I came across this new website, I had no idea you were back 🙂

    How fascinating, gaming hands-free. I am sorry you are “forced” to do it because of your health but I am very impressed by how you have handled it.

    Glad to hear you and Mr. Phae and your son is well.

    I can remember wearing Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed with pride!

    I look forward to dive into your site and have a look around, and follow you 🙂

    1. Welcome “back”, Alunaria!

      I’m happy to hear that you have stuck with your Restoration Druid all this time. How is it that you found this site, if I might ask? Was it linked from another blog?

      Thank you for your comments! Glad to have you as a reader. 🙂

  2. Thank you – I think I just did a little googling around, then came across the name Phaelia, and thought, that couldn´t be a considence! 🙂 I´m not into blogs that much, my sparetime is limited (parenting and all, I´m sure you know what it´s like!), so I prefer to only spend it in game or on high quality content outside the game 😉

  3. At 1:49 of the first vid, you give the command “backup three” which seemingly walks you backwards a certain amount of seconds. Could you enlighten me how you did this? Or link where you explained it, in case my big nose blocked my eyes from seeing it myself 😛

    On a side note, I am a programming student, with blessed fully working arms and hands, but seeing you do this got me extremely insterested in how I could use this myself for fun / efficiency. Amazing how you can fkng raid with only voice commands and head movement, that is bloody amazing!
    The dedication and skill in being able to create something working like this must be so extremely high!


    RestoDruid FTW!

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