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What’s in a title? An in-game title can be a glamorous advertisement of objectively determined skill — as with The Proven Healer or Battlemaster. Or it can be an indicator of how one enjoys spending their time: Loremaster, Professor, Bloodsail Admiral (each of which is likely to be an indication of a masochistic personality). Pursuing a special title is a completely optional exercise, and yet I think many players have a special affinity for a moniker that has struck a chord with how they view their character.

Of course, not all players feel the need to pursue this particular avenue of achievement. When asked why his character sports no title at all, Mr. Phae gamely replied, “You only need a special title when other players don’t already know who you are.”

Dramatization of Mythic+ LFG with no Title

To my mind, there are really three distinct categories into which the most desirable Druid-oriented titles fall:

  • Druid Lore: These are titles that recall specific individuals or circumstances related to our class. Obviously anything that falls under one of the two Cenarion factions or speaks to our previous experience within the Emerald Dream would fit under this category. Arguably, one of the two titles that refer to the capital cities of Darnassus (Night Elf) or Thunder Bluff (Tauren) might also fit here.
  • Nature: All Druids are children of nature, so many titles referring to natural phenomena are an excellent choice, especially for a newly-minted Druid who lacks the time and/or patience to grind an old-world reputation. The Astral Walker and Storm’s End are two such easily-obtainable titles that fall into this category.
  • Specialization: A spec-specific title can be quite appealing, especially to a player who primarily enjoys only one available specialization and wishes to declare her undying allegiance thusly (*cough cough*). Were I to enjoy playing as a kitty, for example, I would immediately get to work on acquiring the Crazy Cat Lady title. I admit to having made several attempts at the Proven Healer title myself, but so far to no avail.

For your reference, here are what are — in my opinion — the best-of-the-best of in-game titles for Druids:

Complete The Demi-God’s Return (the final quest within the Druid Class Hall Campaign).
Druid Lore
Defeat Xavius in Emerald Nightmare on Mythic Difficulty
Druid Lore
Complete a collection of Lunar Festival achievements
Druid Lore
Reach Exalted with Cenarion Circle and Cenarion Expedition
Druid Lore
Earned when you get the Restoration artifact; the only artifact which confers a title
Druid Lore
Complete Loremaster achievements basically everywhere
Druid Lore
Reach Exalted with Klaxxi and complete Amber is the Color of My Energy achievement
Druid Lore
Reach Exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal
Druid Lore
Reach Exalted reputation with Darnassus and become an Exalted Champion of Darnassus in The Argent Tournament
Druid Lore
Reach Exalted reputation with Thunder Bluff and become an Exalted Champion of Thunder Bluff in The Argent Tournament
Druid Lore
Complete 3,000 quests.
Druid Lore
Defeat Algalon the Observer in Ulduar on 25-player mode
Defeat the Lich King in 25-man Icecrown Citadel on Heroic difficulty
Defeat Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder on Heroic difficulty
Complete a collection of Throne of Thunder achievements
Obtain 20 specific cats
Complete Endless wave 30 in the Healing Proving Grounds
Complete Endless wave 30 in the Damage Proving Grounds
Complete Endless wave 30 in the Tank Proving Grounds
Defeat Algalon the Observer in Ulduar on 10-player mode

Did I miss any? What’s your favorite in-game title? Are there any titles you would like to see added to the game? In my opinion, more factions should bestow titles upon the player once he/she has reached Exalted status. (Who wouldn’t want to be <name> of the Oracles, for example?) Any title that appeals to the “Fae” nature of Night Elves is most appealing to me (Starcaller, The Dreamer). I would also love to see some of the Druid-specific sect titles added: of the Grove, of the Talon, of the Moon, etc. Of course, this would only be fair if similar titles were made available to other classes, and I’m not sure if existing lore would support that. On the other hand, Druids are the only class to be granted a special title related to one of our Artifact quests (that of G’Hanir), so why not continue the tradition of special treatment..?

P.S. Speaking of G’Hanir, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read up on the Lore surrounding said artifact! It’s definitely title-worthy.

10 thoughts on “Best Druid Titles

  1. What a great post 🙂 Thank you for the overview of the best Druid titles.

    Hah, your pictures reminded me of an episode with Friends (Not sure if you´re into that show) where Phoebe gets a name change to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. 😀


    I would love to get The Dreamer – title. (I haven´t been a raider for years though, busy RL. So I´m as casual as they come, I guess)

    My favorite varies a little. I adore Guardian of G’Hanir and of Cenarius. I used to run with Proven Healer, but for me, it was not about the title, it was more about the challenge – and it did not feel very Druidic. Even though Im very casual, I´m also quite stubborn and I never shy away from a good in game challenge. I have lived inside the Class Challenge connected to the Mage Tower since it was possible, attempting to overcome End of The Risen Threat to get that Owl-look skin, because it feels so Druidic.

    What I would love to see is actually exactly as you write: The more RP orientated titels. “Of the Talon” etc. I actually made a Guild called “Druid of the Wild” so it looks as if it´s my title underneath my name.

    I did not know we were the only class given a title related to our Artifact!

    As for the Lore surrounding G´Hanir. I hereby make encourage you to, one rainy sunday, make a lore post “Phaelia-style” about it 😀 I would love to read it like that.

    1. I didn’t see many episodes of Friends, but I did happen to see the one you mentioned! At my last job, I was friends with the Art Manager, and he was in charge of printing our business cards. We didn’t really have formal titles within my group, so I asked him to print some for me with the title Princess Contessa Bananapants. 🙂

      The Dreamer is a title I would also love to get but will probably have to wait for the next expansion as I don’t see myself downing Mythic Xavius any time soon. I just hope they don’t retire the title!

      1. Haha, what a coinsidence – That business card must have looked hilarious!

        Aw yes, me too – was planning to revisit Xavius when I “grow older” as well. 🙂 (Now I really want it even more…)

  2. I don’t know about the best but “Archdruid” seems to be popular.

    I usually run with “Seeker” as I usually see my toon as a seeker of knowledge/balance in nature/etc etc. (I also like the “G’Hanir”)

  3. My main druid uses the Archdruid title. The best title/name combo I ever had was a disco priest, Brewmaster Beerwynch.

    I’ll just show myself out. =)

  4. I almost always use “Guardian of Cenarius”, but when we’re on a particularly challenging progression fight I often change it to “the Undying” — always seemed more fitting to me than “the Proven Defender” as a bear. 🙂

    I really want “the Dreamer” though — I’d been waiting for that one for years so when it was finally added I was SO excited…only to then be saddened by it being gated behind Mythic, since my guild only raids Heroic. (This has caused me to learn great pain of trying to pug Mythic raids…even EN is still a pug killer on certain bosses.)

    By the way, I JUST found this and was so excited! I had checked Resto4life not all that long ago and was reminiscing, as you were my first wow blog I read and my introduction to the community. I’m happy to see you back, and I’ll definitely be keeping up with you again — even though I’ve exchanged my HoTs for claws. 😉

  5. What a nice surprise, I didn’t know your blog was back! I hope you didn’t find Legion unconcinving and that’s why there are no recent posts…

    I stopped playing at the beginning of WoD (I enjoyed questing very much, but then 100 was disappointing and life had gotten busier) and came back a month ago for late Legion. I’m still adjusting (not a big fan or artifacts, and I feel like we’ve been scammed with the affinity talents, having to “pay” for abilities we always had by default), and spending some more time on my rogue, but overall I’m having fun, which is the whole point. I’m also tempted to try feral for PvP for the first time since TBC.

    Regarding titles, I’m not a great collector but my druid has been The Patient for a while, which I think suits my approach to the game. “Archdruid” makes my teeth grind as NPCs repeatedly greet me and my peers Archdruid Behealinmon the troll or Archdruid Restolal the worgen. Then I take a dreep breath trying to honor own my name!

  6. I, as a boomkin, run as “Talon Queen” (Talon King for you boyos). I’ve yet to find a more fun title for a balance druid. Though since I’ll be swapping to Zandalari next xpack, I will have to find a new title; I don’t know if Talon Queen fits their dino-moonkin form as well as it fits the feathered variety.

  7. since the forsaken destroyed our mama tree ive been using The death stalker, especially when i mess around in feral spec

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