Mylune, My Favorite

Amazing Mylune Cosplay by Lyz (ButtercupBrix)
Amazing Mylune Cosplay by Lyz (ButtercupBrix)

Warlords of Draenor first introduced garrisons, faction-specific strongholds that over time developed into self-sufficient towns providing every service a player could need (with the glaring exception of a barber). And to fill out our garrisons, Blizzard introduced the followers system, a collection of NPCs of a myriad of races and classes that you could recruit into your service. You could then dispatch these followers onto missions that provided personal benefits including gold, gear, garrison resources, and the occasional vanity item. Unfortunately, this system came to be maligned by players as feeling compulsory but inspiring no feelings of personal involvement. Millhouse Manastorm withstanding, our armies of 20 to 25 followers had little charisma and, in many cases, no backstory.

Fortunately, Blizzard listened to the complaints of players and completely overhauled their follower and mission systems for the release of The Burning Legion. Now followers hail from the same class as the player, conveying an instant sense of relatability. There are fewer of them, and the storylines that end with their offer of service are more compelling. None more so — for me, anyway — than the dryad Mylune.

One of the saddest things about upgrading my gear in Legion was the loss of the Oathclaw Garb two-piece set bonus, one that summoned faerie dragons for 30 seconds. I was ecstatic when I discovered that Mylune summons her own faerie dragons when assigned as your combat ally. And then I noticed a growing number of critters following me everywhere I went. I frantically checked all of my buffs to determine which was responsible (and to ensure that I renewed that buff at every opportunity). I eventually determined that the only thing that had changed was enlisting Mylune as my combat ally and decided to never choose any other follower for forever and ever. This ability is not advertised as part of her tooltip, however, a search for her name on Wowhead reveals a number of abilities that have been data mined:

Clearly, something happened to the algorithm responsible for Mylune’s taste in fuzzy wuzzy companions at some point during the development cycle. Because, in addition to bunnies and deer, I have found myself accompanied by an alarming number of cockroaches, grubs, snakes, and spiders (hint: even 1 is an alarming number). Nonetheless, my critter army brings me great joy and is another reason that Mylune is my favorite.

Who is your favorite follower and why? Are there any followers — or pairs of followers — you simply refuse to deactivate, regardless of whether it’s suboptimal?

They'll never see me coming!
They’ll never see me coming!

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4 thoughts on “Mylune, My Favorite

  1. I didn’t realise Mylune had the critter summoning ability until I was out doing world quests and saw a Feral druid running around with tons of critters scampering after him. I immediately asked what he was doing to have all of them with him and he said it was from Mylune.

    I still haven’t got around to having her join me yet, as she’s usually being sent of non-stop on missions. I should really remember to equip her tonight for some of my world quests just to be joined by all the animals 🙂

    1. Pro Tip: Don’t use her if you’re going to engage in any World PvP. I found this out the hard way when I inadvertently wandered into a Naga area today and found myself in open PvP. I had just enough time to see a Troll Rogue Vanish before I Displacer Beasted away and hit Prowl. Unfortunately, my critter army does NOT have Prowl, and he ambushed me a few seconds later. D’oh.

    2. I love having Mylune’s buff on me, as I open world bear. (Group work, I tend to boomer.) The extra DPS is a nice bonus, and having a ton of little critters chasing me around makes me happy.

      I’ve even gone so fas as to only use Mylune on missions right when I head to bed when I work the next day, as that’s a decent enough block of time to complete that without my having her around. I’ve even geared her up with +gold and +resources items for completing world quests. It’s a win/win system for me.

      1. Me, too! I had to temporarily “bench” her as my combat ally recently in order to level her up to purple so I could equip a second item to allow her to grant order resources while world questing. So happy to have her — and her critters — back in action!

        Thanks so much for the comment! 🙂

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