2 thoughts on “MadSkillzzTV’s Resto Druid Guide

  1. It’s a nice guide, I liked the soft guitar music in the background — little production elements like that make it professional.
    How frustrating, this need or suggestion for two separate gear sets! Perhaps way (way) down the line for me as at this moment I’m seeing constant gear upgrades and it feels that the primary stat should trump the secondary. If all my pieces were 850, all of them, then I might shuffle some about for the circumstance. But, as ever, I’m pretty casual.

    1. I, too, was surprised (frustrated) at the idea of having to maintain two different gear sets for what is essentially the same role. I sort of expect them to adjust something so this isn’t necessary; it seems counter to the design philosophy changes we’ve seen over the past couple of years. It’s one thing to have the top 2-3% of players to tediously tweak their gearset to eke out a small but necessary performance boost in order to defeat cutting-edge content. But it’s an altogether different thing if 60-75% of players feel compelled to do so!

      You’re right though; I’m not geared well enough now to be that picky. 🙂

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