Nine Lives Later…

Last night I finally completed the quest for the Fangs of Ashamane. It’s a quest that sat in my log for weeks after repeated attempts to kill Verstok Darkbough failed miserably. I was forced to complete this quest because every time I would travel anywhere near Falanaar — to complete a world quest, for instance — I would get phased into the Fangs of Ashamane quest area and be unable to complete my intended objective. Oddly, players are unable to abandon this quest or I most certainly would have many times over.

At one point I (mostly) understood the feral ability set and rotation, but — as with all expansion releases — all of that experience is now obsolete. It didn’t help that my “cat stick” was around item level 680, but then my good friend Currant mentioned that I could purchase a 740 item level dagger, the Dreamgrove Blade, from Amurra Thistledew. That, combined with reading and re-reading the Icy Veins Feral rotation guide eventually allowed me to overcome this quest, though it was mostly through persistence. If it weren’t for the fact that the NPCs do not regenerate — allowing you to basically smash your face into them repeatedly until they succumb to your facerollishness — I might not have been able to complete the quest.

Webmistress Shinaris
Webmistress Shinaris

The moral of the story? When an NPC takes one look at you standing there holding a tree branch like you think you know what you’re doing and asks you, “Are you SURE you want to embark upon this quest?” take the hint.

P.S. With voice dictation, I just need to say Switch to Feral Spec to change my talent specialization. Here are the voice commands required:

<spec_name> := Balance = 1 | Feral = 2 | Guardian = 3 | Restoration = 4;
switch to <spec_name> spec = "/run SetSpecialization($1)"{Enter};

2 thoughts on “Nine Lives Later…

  1. Odd story: I did the Feral Artifact quest line in Resto spec with a Balance Affinity. It wasn’t until the quest was over that I realized that it was the Feral Artifact quest line!
    Those mobs succumbed to my facerolliness and I was the master of my domain … like a King Sagrimore who had lost his kingdom!

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