Patch 7.2: Deeply Rooted Disappointment

Daphne (of Greek Mythology) — the original victim of Deep Rooted — by Valkyrie Ghost

Patch 7.2 will present players the opportunity to unlock a new gold-framed ability within the Artifact tree. Restoration Druids will be able to unlock Deep Rooted:

When one of your Restoration heal over time effects heals a target below 35% health, its duration is refreshed.

Unfortunately, this trait isn’t likely to be very helpful outside of 5-mans. There is simply too much competition for a limited amount of damage to be healed in a raid environment for players to stay at 35% and not get almost immediately topped off by another player (and, really, that player is just as likely to be you with a Swiftmend). One of the stated goals of this patch is to give players something impactful to work toward:

Posted by Lore on Feb 9, 2017

We’re planning to have relatively minimal changes to core class design in 7.2. This is for two primary reasons:

  • The 7.2 changes and additions to Artifact Traits will have a lot of impact on classes, and so we’d like to keep core functionality relatively stable.
  • We just made a very significant amount of changes to most specs in 7.1.5, and don’t want to pile another heap of changes on the community just yet.

I feel like the Development team may have missed their mark with this ability. In response to complaints that DPS specs seem to be getting the most attention so far, Blizzard actually mentioned specifically that they are looking at feedback on Deep Rooted at Chubie’s thread, Restoration Druid – New Gold Trait. Some of the suggestions from players so far include:

  • Raising the percent cutoff of the proposed ability from 35% to 50%.
  • Allowing double Lifebloom.
  • Making each cast of Rejuvenation progressively cost less mana (to a point).
  • Increased duration of Innervate.

I encourage you to share your thoughts on that thread (and also here because that would be awesome) in the hopes of an improvement (or replacement).

7 thoughts on “Patch 7.2: Deeply Rooted Disappointment

  1. Oh man, testing the waters of the new feedback intention!
    I sure will go to that forum because this trait looks weak for the reasons you stated. Even more, I like the other ideas far better, double Lifebloom is satisfying, I think.

  2. Little late to the party but hey…

    Double Lifebloom, no doubt!

    I love those things, that can not only improve output, but change gameplay. But a part of me do fear, that with all the “new” things our Artifact weapon might bring – what will we do once Legion is over? I for one will miss Tranquility castable while moving, for example!

    They stated that our Artifact weapon won´t be following us into a new expansion, so what then! Ah well.
    It´s in the future of course 🙂

    1. The loss of Tranquility while moving is actually one of the things that I, too, have worried about the most! I cannot imagine that they will take this particular “feature” away from us in coming expansions, but we certainly cannot expect to keep all of the bonuses that we have earned during Legion. I think it’s important to remember that we as players have felt this way — fearful of losing our hard-won progress — since the second expansion (having had experience with this phenomenon in TBC). I try to view it as the price I pay for new and exciting content. Every expansion that Blizzard has released has improved my gameplay experience, despite initial feelings of backsliding.

      Now if they would just give us (highly-customizable) player housing, they could probably turn Phaelia into a critter, and I wouldn’t say, “boo!” Ha!

  3. Oh, yes, I hear what you are saying. I have read that the devs said, they will make it make sense; us giving up our artifact weapon. I could imagine that on Argus, to fully get rid of the Legion once and for all, we all must sacrifice it…Something along those lines, with an epic cinematic would be great.

    Turning into a critter, you say? How about Magic Pet Mirror, voila, there you go? 😉

    After a -ton- of pet battles, that is…

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